Definitely getting better.


The biggest problem is energy levels. This 30 minutes yesterday ended up feeling like three hours. It’s probably sensible therefore that today is a rest day. An awful lot of excess sugar’s been removed from my diet, not really intentionally, it’s just happened. That needs to be replaces with something, and in this case it is fruit sugars and honey covering the shortfall.

Oh, and the occasional portion of bread and butter pudding.

School is back, and so that will mean a return to pseudo-normality. The difference this time around is that the eldest will be at University starting in a fortnight. That’s gonna be slightly strange, and I’m already missing him (as he’s been away in various places since I was hospitalised.) However, this is the march of life. That’s how these things work. The hope is that we’ve done a decent job as parents to prepare him.

Time will tell.


The plan is to start writing again tomorrow, or rather start editing some stuff I want to submit to a contest next week. After that, I’ve almost found the bottom of the washing bin, and then there needs to be an effort to start working back to full fitness. I’ve lost nearly 4 kilos in the last month, half of which is muscle mass. There needs to be an effort to get that back as a matter of priority.

There probably needs to be more tea too.

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