Look Away

My husband’s going to be going for surgery in nine days time, after which he (potentially) has a six week recovery window. This won’t be day only either, but involves a protracted stay. He’s in good enough spirits right now, so it’s not a massive stress. Tomorrow we are taking my son to his Halls of Residence to begin year one of University. This is also not a massive stress.

However, I am hugely stressed, by a combination of other factors: those two things are acting as welcome distraction. All will all be dealt with, and it is, but in my own time. As a result therefore there are apologies for what is likely to end up as a month of largely radio silence. This is not an indicator of issues, rather that they are being addressed in the way that  as taught back in May/June/July, which frankly seems like a lifetime ago.

Twitter will be more up to date. I suggest you find me there.

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