Okay October, there is a plan now. I’ll sort calendars tomorrow, as dates are coming together. In the depths of what has been the hardest couple of weeks for probably a fair few years, words have emerged to save me. Odd how that works, but starting a new project today has shifted the intellectual blockage that’s been plaguing me since August. There is a path to follow out and then forward.

Two years ago I did 31 Haiku for October. This year, I’ve released myself from that rigid framework to embrace micropoetry. I’ve no idea how it’s gonna go, to be honest, but it is something to help me ease back into the process of working with words. There’s a lot that needs to be learnt and worked on too, that’ll be talked about at length on the Blog. For now, lots of lessons have been learnt.

I’m entering a new place for written work.

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