The Sensual World

I’m still having trouble sticking to a daily schedule, but now my husband is back home, things will get easier. It’s been a month since all his health issues kicked off and although he’s nowhere near recovered yet, having him here’s made everything about 1000% less stressful. However, what the last four weeks has done is focus my mind towards what needs to be done.


Heartrate’s been a constant indicator of health issues for some time and that tiny spike was the start of what felt like a cold but which is now fading away. Tonight I’ll have finished the first week of three exercise classes in five days, added to which there’s been two PT classes, two very brisk thirty minute walks plus a thirty minute general fitness class.

225 minutes of exercise over that period seems a decent starting point.


64% is the new benchmark for effort. I reckon this can be improved.

Time to get started.

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