The Sensual World


Five out of seven days this week will have involved exercise. It has been really, REALLY hard work. I don’t have a problem with this either. In fact, yesterday on the treadmill, right about at that yellow bar, a piece of me detached inside before disintegrating. Holding onto fear is always a bad idea. Historic fear is even more dangerous. I don’t have that to worry about now.


Numbers help make planning easier. I’ve found it hard over the last year working out how much effort is being placed into exercise relative to feeling. That’s changed in the last month: it is becoming far easier to balance energy and output. Internally the issues of the last month are now classified as ‘past’ and that’s all that is really needed. There’s also a number of significant physical changes taking place. I might even take pictures.

If we can get the posting back on track? Things will begin to fall into place.

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