Orange Crush

Tuesday, let us begin.

I have orange hair everybody, making the World considerably less stressed than it was last week. The lovely curls however lasted about five minutes in my Monday Blaze class. Some observations must now be made on that class’ effort graph:


A phenomenal amount of work took place last night on the bench, but that’s not why it’s more green than yellow. Last night I realised a couple of key things: I’m still not fuelling properly for these classes (gonna be fixed on Wednesday) and the amount of effort expended has a great deal to do with who is teaching. There simply wasn’t enough energy to do what was asked.

If red is to be reached, a good meal will be required a couple of hours before the class, plus snack about 30 minutes before I go in. There’s no peanut butter in the house, which needs to be fixed as a matter of urgency. The snack of choice right now is granary bread, PB and B, where B is Bananas. They used to be something hated for years, right up after Ride London, where they became the Best Food Ever.

How brain finds red minutes is likely to become a topic of discussion going forward.

I am looking forward to receiving my calendar. 2020 is gonna celebrate my consistency, at least in terms of progress on a single goal. This lass can also make in-video adverts into a work of art. Take note, YouTubers.

Right, let’s get started on planning.

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