Subterranean Homesick Blues

It’s a tough moment when you realise just how much hypocrisy drives the world.

Yesterday, I got very VERY angry indeed. Instead of allowing it to totally destroy my already fragile mental stability, out I went. There’s a castle not far from here, or at least the remains of one, and it was a perfect day for pictures. It is the kind of day that will stick long in the memory, because of what that action represents. No longer am I tied to my own failings and shortcomings. This is the way to be free.

The plan going forward therefore is about to alter.

Stuff will still be submitted, but there needs to be some time spent on keeping myself happy ahead of everything else. Therefore, I’m shelving a project completely in November, and re-planning the writing website’s content a bit going forward. Plus, it will be the vanity project that gets worked on for NaNoWriMo and not my popular project. I’ll need to fix the website, and it needs a better book cover…


It gives me lots to do in between being at the Gym and being outside taking pictures, because that’s going to happen again today. It was so beneficial being outside, I can’t begin to express how useful that was during a day when normally a frustrated mind would have just quietly consumed itself. To keep things normal and balanced, there needs to be a counter to this life of constant rejection.

Improvement must always be the priority.

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