This morning, my old PC finally decided it was done. Fortunately for me, there’d been a plan to switch hard drives from the dead machine to a very much more workable alternative. As it transpires, both of my hard drives are not only usable, but fairly robust, and were remarkably simple to refit from one unit to the other. I’ve now got nearly 3 terabytes of disk space to play with.

Nothing has been lost either: I’d been worried that three days worth of NaNo prep had vanished, but the save file from yesterday evening is intact. The only problem now is to get all the new things plumbed in, but first I’d like to have a bit of time sorting out the detritus in various folders which really does need archiving sooner rather than later. This is the stuff that really needs to be done before everything crashes again.


It’s amazing how well this has all worked out: normally such catastrophic crashes end up with weeks worth of work lost, and a similar amount of time to reconstruct the damage. My previous job as repairer and sysadmin has stood me in good stead: the OS on the SSD drive was unhappy, and had been for some time. The graphics card was overheating and eventually shorted the motherboard.

I made do and managed as long as I could with both, and now it’s time to start again.

Being able to do this myself matters an awful lot, understanding how stuff works and where you plug things in without destroying your warranty. Being cautious with data means there is a backup from last week regardless, but still. This is my livelihood here, years worth of work that will now be properly archived and put aside. With all this space and new impetus, it’s time to make the most of the new kit and push forward.

I already have some ideas for the future that deserve nothing less than my full attention.

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