Why Worry?

I said there would be no exercise stuff until Saturday, and that’s the idea. This one however is for all the kids in the house who know they should be exercising, but don’t want to sweat in their Gymshark kit…

Entitlement is everywhere, but to encounter it last night from a bunch of young women who knew what they’d paid for was, it has to be said, something of a surprise. The exercise that caused such high dudgeon?

There was the option to do this on a bench too. I’ve now been taught to free stand, and thanks to a lot of hard work can do this with a 12.5kg weight. I managed 30 of these in 4 minutes on each side last night, which is probably about what would happen if I was alone in the Gym. The consternation that resulted from being asked to do this? Why bother doing the class at all if you won’t do what is asked of you on arrival…

That part of the problem I get, however. New stuff is hard, in front of an audience even harder. Eventually there comes a point where if there is to be any actual evolution or development, that’s what has to happen. Like it or not, your comfort zone needs to be smashed, then reconstructed. What last night showed me is just how strong I have become, largely without even grasping that significance.

I inspired someone last night to try the one arm dumbbell row with a heavier weight. They were amazed how easy I made it look. Typing this now, it’s still amazing that anybody would say that. Yes, my trainer will give such encouragements, but I’m paying her to do this so there’s always moments of disbelief at her sincerity. When someone you know throws a compliment like that your way, time to pay attention.

Compliments are still a massive issue for me, but it is getting better. If I can’t do summat in a Blaze class, I try, whereas before there would simply be a repetition of a previous exercise. I’d never, ever complain publicly in the class it was too hard.

A lot has changed in a year.

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