Go Your Own Way

This is my scheduled CONTENT REMINDER ALERT that it is totally okay to make something that I want to make that everybody else hates. It’s also perfectly okay to argue that with people, but honestly… there’s not much point, because they’re going to be right regardless. You know how the Internet works by now. Take it out of the place where it is causing contention, leave it in your space, and if these people really care they can come find it.

Except, of course, most of them don’t.

Perception is a difficult thing sometimes. What you might consider as cool and smart, others could ignore or find fault with when presented in a certain way. They key is, of course, learning when and where is the best time and place to present. Some days, you think you’ve cracked it, then it becomes apparent your idea of clever is just that, and probably not simple enough. Then, the epiphany hits.


The problem is belief in yourself. All of this navel gazing and contemplation is based on an inherently false premise: it doesn’t matter. None of this is important. If people agree with you that’s great, but it also doesn’t matter if they don’t. This is not the path to validation, and never will be. The validation comes from yourself, and when you’re tired, it is easy to forget that fact.

It is hard sometimes to let go of the past, because the belief remains that somehow, there might be a way to go back to things the way they were when you were happy. The bad stuff amazingly gets forgotten, even when it’s still very much apparent. This is not about forgiveness, either. Everything changes eventually, despite what some might have you believe. History repeats when we allow it to.


This is where this .GIF gets wheeled in, reminding that what matters most of all is understanding deep down what’s true to me. The opinions others form based on how they believe I think and act is irrelevant, it totally is. If these people really care, that’s what they will show, but if all they are doing is talking at me? The difference is abundantly apparent.

The only way people really know what I am, is when I choose to show them.

This is your scheduled reminder that your path is the right one, and you need more tea.

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