First Encounter

Whatever you do in life, someone will take offence. It’s almost a given in this day and age: make your life public, and at some stage there will be at least one flash-point. If you’re a woman and don’t want kids, want them too early or too late, decide to stay single or love someone half your age… and may your deity of choice intervene if you’re not heterosexual, assuming they even allow such blasphemy.

None of it matters, of course. As long as it’s consensual and legal, really, all the indignation and posturing on the planet is irrelevant. Let people be fucking happy, unless you’re being paid to report it and you’ll get more clicks/sell more advertising giving them a hard time. Indignation sells, and always has. All those stupid people out there vapidly consuming anything you can throw at them? They don’t care either.

You’re wondering where this is going, aren’t you?


I don’t think I’ve seen more online stupid than has happened this week for quite some time: even in the depths of The B Word saga, outright lies and stupidity did not seem this prevalent. This is, of course, all there is to look forward to until Polling Day… and that’s now in the news because Nativity plays may need to be rescheduled if schools are being used as polling stations… how will the Year 5’s cope?

There is no magic money tree, no battle bus, no Secret Plan to Fight Austerity or indeed anything else. There is only us, as human beings, doing the best we can not to let these bastards a) grind us down and b) get away with half the shit they’ve been able to previously. I sense a lot more indignation in my future, and if I think you’re being a drama queen to make a point? SO CALLING YOU OUT.


Please stop telling me what a horrible place this is, I know. The only way ANYTHING gets better online is when we as users start enforcing some rules. If you break the ones set by the people in charge, do not get upset when you’re canned, because that’s how it is supposed to work. This is not rocket science. Use your brains. Think before you post… we’ve been through all this hundreds of times. YOU MAKE THE DIFFERENCE.

We’re also part of the problem. Stop accusing other people. Fix yourself first.

No really, go and sort your own fucking lives out before blaming anyone else.

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