If This is It

We’re over a week into November. How’s it going?



Been a massively transformative seven days. Running on a gradient has been something of a revelation. It’s helped not only build confidence, but alter training. However, the bigger shift undoubtedly is diet-based. This new regime is not only working, but improving both energy and recovery. How do I know this? Let’s look at the numbers:

  • Monday Blaze Percentage effort: 73%
  • Wednesday Blaze Percentage effort: 78%
  • Thursday Blaze Percentage effort: 79%

I’ve never improved like that before. This is the first week in almost a year that I’ve got stronger as the week has gone on.


Thursday was notable for a couple of reasons: being the first Anniversary of Blaze at my club, there was a live DJ and a saxophonist. Both made the 45 minutes quite a lot louder than usual: I had to wear earplugs in order to think correctly. However, a decent mix and a lot of people attempting to serially overachieve around me did undoubtedly pick the game up considerably. LOOK AT THESE NUMBERS:


ALL THAT YELLOW. I don’t normally feel like I’ve done a decent job, but this absolutely was. Those two green bars between all the yellow? End of each round. I didn’t record the exercise before, so have no idea of how well (or otherwise) that went, but it really doesn’t matter. Here is a nice shiny new high water mark. I can work hard, and keep my heart-rate up, and this is the demonstrative result of concerted effort.

I’ve not been this proud about anything in quite some time.

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