Eye of the Tiger

Again, not Saturday, but this weekend I wanna write about weight and not attainment, of which this most definitely is.


That’s yesterday’s 55 minute exercise class, that is. It took about ten minutes to warm up (which is normal for me) and then off I went. The only blip (other than transitions in green) is that two minute green block where, it must be said, I did feel like giving up and just walking out of the class. Those days however are now far better managed.

This time, I didn’t push, but maintained. This game is no longer about how I get myself into the red zone: at one point, I was the only yellow on a completely red board. Now, if you want to play the psychology game, I’m either the one doing it wrong or right, dependant on where you’re sticking the benchmark.

There is no concern about feeling left behind.


I knew I’d turned a corner with last week’s stats, and this week… well, I gotta beat 80 percent tonight. Will the exercise planned allow me to do so? 

We shall see.

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