Paradise by the Dashboard Light

I’ve not seen War of the Worlds yet, or His Dark Materials. Reviews for the former are between Fuck Yeah and What Did You Do? so I look forward to watching that on my return from PT this morning. The latter was really enjoyable last week, but it does help if you’ve read the book to fill in the gaps, of which there have been several. However, I am not here today to do TV reviews, that’s someone else’s job.

What is this week about?


In an amazing bout of organisational acumen yesterday, December is planned. Christmas gifts are planned, what I’m writing and editing and honestly… all of this productivity comes on the back of the realisation I’m no longer the woman who randomly cries in cars for no discernable reason. Yes, occasionally music and circumstance combine allowing the waterworks to start but really, truthfully, we’ve moved past grief.

Yes, I KNOW it never goes away, but right now the consequences of it are better managed than they have been since… well, probably forever. With that out of the way, it is time to shift everything forward. As THAT happens… probably gonna change some stuff around here in relation to layouts and stuff. What with a new decade on the way and everyfink… might be nice to shift shit around.

Oh that reminds me, time to order more emergency rations.



[EDIT: I have seen some TV :D]

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