I earmarked this post to be a post-meeting discussion on how the small mental health crusade is going in reference to my Gym, but amazingly, despite being told the person I needed would be available today, they’re not. Plan B it is then, e-mail in their inbox on his return. However, this does now mean I have no subject for today’s post…

That’s not true at all.

I’m gonna talk about short stories on the writing blog today, and what’s been learnt since Mslexicon in July. It has taken this long to get everything else back on track, so that I could return and effectively finish off August’s attempt. It was such a good story too, that the closure needed to happen. By doing so, another door has opened, and I’m back in the groove. Next month’s story, as a result, is almost completely planned.


Undoubtedly the progress I’ve made with NaNo this year is creating a more fertile environment for ideas to grow. What hasn’t happened in previous years is the means by which to capitalise on those positives, but that’s all going to change. Next year is going to be HUGE. Redefining myself becomes easier with each new revelation or progression. I have absolutely got this.

I hope I can really surprise people with what there is in store.

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