Last night was an 80%, but also a challenge in other ways. The young lady that had an asthma attack next to me was conscious when the paramedics arrived. All I hope is today is better for her than yesterday was. After that, I really don’t want to talk about what happened, until it is properly processed. At some point, learning first aid is going to be worthwhile, just because.

If you can help, make sure you do.


There wasn’t much sleep last night either, so brain and body are considerably slower than is optimal. However, there’s been some good work done before lunchtime. As long as there’s a decent night tonight, and that should not be hard, it’s back on target tomorrow. Also, as I’ve had physio this morning, there was an opportunity to jump on the biometric scale. This makes me happy.


If I could get that to sub 80 kilos before Christmas… well, that would be fantastic, because it is less weight to lift when pull ups finally happen.

That’s it, nothing else, off to find more caffeine.

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