A Quiet Place


I’ve worked my arse off this weekend, I really have, and there’s so much left to do. Fortunately for me the organisational side of things is not too big an ask now the backwork’s done, and it’s just about keeping on top of maintenance for the rest of the month. I’ll do a His Dark Materials catch up in the week, and then start working out what I’d like to watch from the pile of TV I’ve not seen, plus a fair few DVD’s.

After that it’s this week for Christmas Gift making (plus the odd few that need buying) and organising selling some stuff on Ebay. I have shabby alts to level in Warcraft. There’s that dentistry appointment Monday and then the start of the new exercise regime. How does this all fit into a week? I dunno, but at least the majority of things are organised in my favour. That feels good.

Then, there’s this microphone that needs setting up… ^^

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