The Climb

This is going to be a day without painkillers. I managed seven hours yesterday, and things got considerably better as time went on. This morning it is everything but my tooth that hurts which is telling me that yes, this is improvement. Of course, there was minimal pain before we started all this last week, and that has to be the state we return to. Everything’s crossed this is not now the default state for mouth comfort.

Massaging my gum seems to help. Drinking through a rigid plastic straw is most definitely aiding cold liquid consumption. Keeping myself busy and in a decent mood is helping too. Yesterday therefore I caved and stuck a slice of cheese in my lunchtime sandwich. There’s been more bread too, but only brown. There should really have been weights yesterday but I skipped. I will push hard in PT and Blaze as a result.

I’m also not fussing too much about how clever this blog post sounds.

Last week’s plan however went largely out of the window and so there needs to be a serious push to get everything back on track. I have stamps for christmas post. All the ‘gifts’ are done and dusted for family, it’s just friends that need the work, and that will happen today and tomorrow. After that, it’s just construction and packing to do, and I hope to be ready to roll for early next week.

After that there’s a ton of writing things that need doing. We’ll get there :D

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