It’s the End of the World as we know it (and I feel Fine)

That thing about no pain? When the drugs finally wear off, and your body reminds you at 1am that yes, an Irishman literally yanked part of your body out of your jaw with pliers… that’s a new discomfort, but simultaneously it isn’t. There was sleep last night, but none of it particularly restful. That’ll start happening tomorrow, I hope. 48 hours after extraction is where an infection could appear. Cross everything it doesn’t.

For now, I’m surprisingly functional. It’s having tea back that helps. 

Finally, a debt is paid. A week of writing time has been lost to dentistry, it can’t be brought back, and that means next week I gotta work extra hard. For now, it’s taken me three and a bit hours to get to this point in the blog post, because when there’s no recovery sleep and a FUCKING GENERAL ELECTION the plot is very easy to keep losing. At least there is that next cuppa, and if I make another one and then do some more work…

We’ll just bounce from moment to moment. It’ll be fine, and whatever happens today is not in my hands. That is tomorrow’s problem, and will be dealt with, one way or another.

It will get better.

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