No Ordinary Morning

Politics is done for now. It will be back, after this word from Exercise Central…


On Monday, I tore up the existing means by which exercise progress is recorded. Instead, on the wall to my right is a space where PostIt notes are stuck every day, noting what has been undertaken. As a default, every day, I’m to have completed the following:

  • 5 Sun Salutes (Yoga)
  • 30 Roll outs (Roll out wheel)
  • 30 Press ups (as close to the ground as I can get)

plus whatever extra exercise happens on top of this. This means that even on rest days (where no serious exertion will take place) something does come to pass. I have to manage twenty one days (theoretically) to make this habit. Let’s see how far we can go.

Yesterday, which should have been rest was 30 minutes on the bike. It’s the equivalent of a brisk walk or a trip to the shops, neither of which I’ve really felt like doing whilst face has been on fire. Yesterday evening, it was what I needed to sleep well, and it worked. There had to be a set of painkillers at 1am when the last of the analgesic the dentists had shoved directly in the empty tooth socket wore off, but there’s no need for any since.

This is the least pain that’s existed for about a fortnight.

Things only change when I want them to.

Let’s go.

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