Beat It

I skipped yesterday completely, because on top of everything else I now have a cold, passed on from my daughter. It’s making the fatigue even tougher to deal with, but despite all of this we’re off to the Gym shortly. If this year has taught me anything, it is that endorphins are the chemical process that keeps on giving. Even if it’s just an hour pretending to use the equipment, it is something and that still counts.

I’ll do my Yoga stuff at some point later in the day.


It is also very likely I am not eating enough, again, and so I need to get on that as a matter of priority. It won’t help that this may well be the busiest weekend of the year for buying anything: time to avoid places where people will be congregating and purchasing. What hasn’t happened for a while is me on a treadmill, headphones shoved in, and just focussing on forward momentum.

Let’s go do something.

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