Little Red Corvette

This weekend’s been a bit of an eye-opener, all told. What I choose to take away from contention is continually changing: the baseline however continues to strengthen. Don’t instigate drama. Be real, and unique. Understand your environment. Work hard to improve the places in which you live and work. Never feel as if you’ve done enough. Strive for improvement whenever possible.

Evolution is the future.

There will be days when that’s not an option, of course, but if I’d said in public something was hateful, going back and then doing it is an about-face that shouldn’t be happening. Changing your world should not only include yourself in the equation. Learning is the process of not just expecting other people to alter. Forget the filler and concentrate only on that which really matters. Authentic. Honest. Challenging.

Tolerance is hard. It is simpler not to think, and it happens, more and more. I watch others do it who really should know better, and yet… something happens online. People’s common sense and decency appear to just… well, cease to exist. Next year, I’m never going to be that person, and crucially if I see others doing it not only will they be called out, but I’ll stop giving them publicity for doing so.

It is time to highlight the good people and ignore the noise.

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