The Only Way is Up

I’m early. There are several reasons, most include not being able to get back to sleep despite today not being a ‘work’ day. Everybody else is asleep. They are sensible and clearly not doomed as I am to spend every waking hour imagining story ideas. They’re being dreamt again too, in a fashion that would make cracking TV. No, that’s not the plan for 2020, but it does mean pulling out some old work and looking again at it, critically.

School doesn’t restart for another week. Remind me to lie in tomorrow.


Next year, I will write here every day. Some of it will be deeply personal. There will be reviews of shit I’ve watched, listened to or read. All the mental health stuff will shift over to the writing blog, and so that everything is not a continuous stream of exercise news (because that could so be all that happened here) there’ll be a new graphic and that will be confined to the weekends only, so you can choose to ignore it.

The only exception to this is RED January which, because it’s all wrapped up with Mind fundraising, will shift over there too. The ‘do some exercise every day’ plan has reached Day Fifteen already, despite there not being any scheduled classes until the 2nd. PT will happen shortly, as it did last week, and that’s been a helpful permanence in the sea of bad food choices and late nights.

I’m back on strict rations ahead of blood tests on the 14th.

There will now be a moment to mourn the passing of a mug that made it back through the hold of an aeroplane, but did not survive my wobbly early morning grip. It has memories, of course, but remains just another thing and is the reminder in 2020 that memories do not require physical prompts to maintain. It’s all part of life’s huge, rich tapestry, and it’s time to move on.

Let’s go.

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