Get Back

It may only be two days in, but I am sensing 2020’s gonna be a bit bolshy. A return to the less corporate, not overseen by massive corporations approach to ‘social media’ appears to be the way forward. Except, of course, until you dismantle Facebook completely and provide EVERYBODY in certain demographics with a replacement that doesn’t suck their soul and sell mercilessly to them? NOTHING CHANGES.

Sure, a billion new and glorious blogs could rise up as a collective antidote to the corporate behemoths, but then someone will want to make money from them, find means to combine them all under one umbrella at a ‘social media hub’ making them a billionaire overnight and BOOM we’re right back to square one. If we ‘bring back blogs’ then people have to want to remove themselves from the addictive screen sucking things that already exist first.

This is, therefore, not about bloggers. It’s about readers.


One of the earliest things I was ever taught about writing in blogs was to ‘not make it personal’, that is, never point at ‘the person’ out there and talk directly at them. That way, you can avoid the inevitable fights that would occur when you told someone they were a fucking idiot because they weren’t smart enough to get the point you were trying to make whilst lamely attempting to be clever.

Except people still assumed you were talking to them, even when you weren’t. Boy, the stories I have about that fucking drama, that would happen with almost clockwork regularity. It was lovely when Twitter came along because if you wanted to be a drama queen, there’d be an audience lapping up your every word. I can point at (thinks) a good dozen people whose whole livelihood now is just that.

Drama is the new lifestyle aspiration.


For those of us who crave a quiet life, who’d like to just get on with being what we are, there is a choice now to be made. Enjoyment, more and more, is tainted by the stupidity of others. Yup, you’re the fucking idiot who went on Twitter and talked all about that movie without grasping people who followed you hadn’t seen it yet. When challenged, you’re also the one who stated they could say what they wanted on their feed.

Yes, you can say what you want, when you want, but more and more people don’t have to listen. If you really want to exercise personal freedoms this year it’s not about clearing out your contacts list or dropping a dress size, it’s walking away from people who aren’t listening. Sure you can mute, but unfollowing could really change the world. Of course, you could take the whole thing one stage further…

Think what would happen if all the liberals who follow the American President to laugh at his stupidity all left Twitter overnight. Think what would happen if all the Facebook users who hate FAkE nEwS cancelled their accounts. All you people who rage and lament on social media that we are impotent as instruments of change… if everybody left, what might happen then? 

Except nobody wants to go first.


Honestly, if you want to change something for yourself in 2020? Stop being a sheep. Stop rushing to be the First Generation, Early Adopter so you can arrive on the latest Social media platform destined to replace Twitter and say you were there FIRST. Stop thinking that the only validation that matters comes from your peers, when the truth is satisfaction and reinforcement should spring from yourself.

More significantly of all, if you want to be authentic, accept that all social media is, in effect, advertising and if you have anything to sell, or you want to make any money at all… you have to be here. That’s just how it works. If you’re a true alturist, you left Social media sometime just after the Orange Twat became President and now you’re living off grid somewhere in the Rockies.

Nobody else knows how great life is, and that’s why it’s as meaningful as it is now.


If you’re still here, 2020 should be the year everybody stops reinventing the fucking wheel. You stop pretending to know the secret of a Happy Life, because it really does not include Social media as the delivery system. If you want to change, do. If you don’t, you won’t read a blog, or a thread of tweets, or a Facebook message that isn’t relevant. The true secret to happiness depends on nobody but yourself.

The only exception of course are those who wish to change but are restricted by circumstance, or other people. However, if you’re intelligent enough to grasp this, and act upon those realisations, there really is hope for humanity in general. These people also have learnt to subvert Social media to their own, nefarious ends. You know who you are, and I salute every single one of you. You already get what needs to be done.

Humanity’s problem HAS NEVER BEEN Social media, or blogging, or books or anything that provides knowledge. If you want to change, you will. If you don’t, it does not matter how much other people tell you, or push you, or encourage. You will remain xenophobic, racist, sexist… and you will fill your world with people and things that simply reinforce that world view.

Change comes from the self, not from others.

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