Love to Love You Baby

All the individuals who complain that people of colour don’t belong in historical dramas don’t grasp that people of colour have lived alongside them for longer than their lifespans. Those who complain, undoubtedly white, are ignorant morons. On the day when ‘ethical veganism’ is recognised as a philosophical belief and is therefore protected by law, there will be those who can’t understand why ‘sexuality’ remains less than clearly defined, and why a mythical creature in fiction couldn’t possibly procreate with everybody.

Except, ignorant people, that’s how real life bisexuality works. The problem is that Biblical sexuality has never been the real truth; one woman, one man is a societal construct. Reproduction is far more complex: even in nature, two sexes for population increase is not the only way. All that is required for successful production of human offspring is sperm, eggs and a gestation device. There are already artificial wombs in reality. How babies are made going forward is also becoming increasingly irrelevant.

The biggest issue one might suppose in all of this is people considering that only God gets to do shit like this, because he made us all in the first place. The arrogance of man emerges two-fold in such arguments, both devil and angel: we don’t have the right to dictate the sexuality of someone else, that’s not our decision. God chooses your sex, not a scientist, until God becomes a scientist as kids become increasingly capable of expressing true sexual proclivity, in environments they feel safe and secure within.

When ‘traditional’ societal constraints that keep people safe and comfortable begin to break down, weird shit begins to happen. Cats and dogs sleep together in YouTube videos. People get to marry whoever they want, or not even marry at all: civil partnerships replace weddings, whilst churches are increasingly landmarks and less about their output… but that’s not fair. Religion is doing good things for many, many people.

What religion grants as the most important portion of life is means to accept death. For those who are afraid of change, evolution or the possibility of discovering a transgender person in their public washroom, religion is means by which reality and the unknown mesh seamlessly… until scientists begin to cheat death (which is happening) or extend life past acceptable norms (also happening) and then… well, why would we need spiritual guidance at all?

Three days into a new decade WWIII is trending on Twitter. If there were ever the need for calm and rational thought, this is probably the moment. Except, the US is being overseen by a man who clearly wishes to end his tenure as President with a bang. Is he worried that history won’t remember him? Quite possibly, but I suspect there’s more to this than meets the eye. Oil prices have skyrocketed, and the Middle East is potentially about to go into meltdown.

Really, obsessing about Dracula’s bisexuality should be the least of your worries.

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