Stupid White Men

I used to want to meet this man. Brazil‘s been my favourite film since it was seen at the Empire, Leicester Square in 1985. However, as time has gone on it has become apparent that many of the men idolised as a kid are, in fact, Grade A Wankers. It’s also obvious on reflection that my perception was at fault; this should have been picked up an awful lot sooner. The melanin-light males of this World have an awful lot to answer for.

This arrogance however should not come as surprise from someone who never found it easy to present his own creative vision.

The ‘Battle’ for Brazil is well documented across the internet, and if you’ve never seen the movie I would strongly suggest searching it out before you read the story behind it. I own three versions of the same film on DVD: the 142 minute version I saw as a teenager, a shorter 132 minute US release and the controversial 94 minute cut made by Universal which began the entire bunfight between Gilliam and the studio.

When seen in this context, and understanding just how long it’s taken Gilliam to produce The Man Who Killed Don Quixote it’s really hard to not feel sorry for him, right up until you read articles like that one in the Independent. You would think someone who has struggled so long and fought so hard for artistic recognition might understand that maybe the problem was not as easily defined… but nope.

Time to find a new favourite film.


I weighed in yesterday, properly, for the first time in a month. Weight is down. Crucially however, that’s the lowest fat mass that has ever been recorded by the biometrics. It’s a sign, I’ve decided, that this year we really do sort out the endemic issue I have with sugar consumption and weight loss. Adding muscle mass is easy now, and you can see how much fat has already gone. Now we work on the hard to shift stuff.

The change is already there, of course. It’s already visible, and if those areas are diminishing, we keep up the hard work. I have infinite patience and willpower’s pretty good. It won’t hurt that there’s exercise all over the shop until the end of January either. So it doesn’t get stupid, next weigh in will be on the 31st. This is the most optimistic I’ve been about progress for the last year or so.

A new me is evolving.

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