My brain is in an ‘interesting’ place right now: I think, if honest, this is probably the most creativity that’s sprung from one place at one time since my late 20’s. Trying to regiment and organise it is, as a result, proving to be somewhat problematic. However, it is also the gateway to other things: different ways of approaching problems, using flashpoints not to stoke fires but to redirect energy elsewhere.

I wonder how long I can keep all this going.


Also, I am very hungry. All the time. It’s got a lot to do with exercise every day, of course, but normally that would mean falling off the wagon and going Peak Sugar and Fat. Not this time, body, this time is protein all the time and no cheating and nope, this isn’t happening any more. I have won, you are beaten, and cravings will no longer derail my progress. In fact, nothing derails progress any more.

Let’s go.

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