Sail Away

This record is broken, yet people keep playing it. That’s the stupid white fuckers who don’t grasp that there’s a problem here. It’s existed since… well, I reckon you could find lots of places where history shows up stupid white people for what they are. The one I enjoy the most is when Henry VIII decided to make his own religion because the Catholics refused to indulge his clearly massive male ego. 

White people trampled all over lots of places in the name of progress. The superiority complex of our ancestors was staggering, including ensuring their religion was more important than anything else the indigenous populations could provide. Stupid white people have caused a phenomenal number of historical flashpoints, and continue to do so, but it’s okay now because we put a diversity tick-box on our form.

Seriously, who are you people trying to fool?


Government is being run by people who look, walk and talk like racists. Large organisations are full of them. They turn up on TV shows and try and convince people that if they’re not racist, there’s obviously not a problem. That’s not how this works, it’s NEVER EVER worked like this. This is Social media assuming that they’re somehow speaking for people they’ve never met, interacted with or even tried to respect.

White people can’t see past the end of their streets, their Facebook groups, their own self-importance, and yet when challenged on their desire to improve the World for people other than themselves? We don’t need to. We’re not racist. We employ everybody, as long as they’re born in the UK. We have diversity, as long as it’s not foreign workers taking our jobs. Some of those immigrants are white too, so we can’t be racist, right?

I am, as a result, part of this problem. As of right now, that changes.


White people don’t get to say if they’re racist or not. That’s the job for those people who are having to put up with our shit, day in and day out. They are the ones WHO GET TO TELL US how fucking dire this all is and we get to listen and MAKE SHIT BETTER. That’s how this works. You work for improvement: read wider, find diverse voices, listen to the things that matter to them and PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF YOUR FUCKING DEITY OF CHOICE do not then assume you’re suddenly ‘not racist’ anymore.

That is not your pronouncement to make: on a TV show, on Twitter, wherever. You don’t get to say there isn’t a problem. Sorry, we all lost that right a very long time ago. If you wanna blame anyone, go do all that ancestry shit and work out which one of your white forefathers thought they were better than the rest of the fucking planet. They were wrong. We still are.

Until everyone accepts there’s a problem, this never goes away.

This country will remain racist as a result.

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