Everything is Beautiful

Here we are, with an unexpected day off for my daughter due to a burst water main that’d taken out another two dozen schools and the local Leisure Centre. It gave me an opportunity to make a start on the rebranding I’ve decided is how I go forward with my personal Twitter account, instead of deleting the whole damn thing and starting again. Only time will tell whether it is successful or not.

An awful lot has changed in the last five years or so, and this is exactly as it should be. I’d not want to be the person I was last week, let alone that long ago. This is a far more productive and pleasant space in which to exist. Not gonna lie however, there are things missed; not because going back to those times is more attractive. Occasionally, when everything is disposed of in an attempt to move forward some good stuff is unintentionally dumped.

Then you have the task of working out what life lacks, and in my case that’s quite easy. The harder part of the equation is integrating those elements back into an existing schedule. That’s where we start today, therefore: renaming stuff, refreshing places, trying to introduce back to proceedings some of the desire and enthusiasm for communication and interaction has been lost.

I really need to start following some new people.


There’s no excuse really, and a world of people out there from whom I can learn stuff. But it’s not just about that, it is paying attention to trends and people who drift by and when someone looks interesting, a hand outstretched will be taken one of two ways. If the plan long term is to try and change people’s attitudes to mental health, then maybe that could also occasionally result in a new person to talk to.

I’ll never know until I try.

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