Pardon Me

I have gone Full Ariel with the hair dye. Should this one stick, it’ll be time to recommission some new avatar graphics :D

Yesterday’s massive redesign across all Twitter platforms is going well too. There’s poetry for submissions (which will be done ahead of schedule) plus a healthy amount of ideas going into February. However, not much of any note will be happening in the short term as this morning is the appointment with my Practice Nurse to digest the results of multiple blood tests.

I’m not sure what to expect. I’ve done all I can to improve my internal health. I’m seven pounds lighter with emerging change of external fat loss, the limit of my abilities. Needless to say, the nurse is lovely, very smart and not likely to shove me on anything unless she deems it absolutely necessary. All there is to do now is go and hope things have improved.

I’ll come and update you later when I know.

That went well.

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