Empty at the End

Last month, I picked one thing to improve: the ability to organise myself better over exercise. 31 days later, this seems like a pretty good place to park the bus :D £335 quid for Mind, nearly 39 hours of work, 21/31 days over 65% effort and an eight pound drop in body weight. Who says just one thing changes? Amazingly, so much else shifts from a simple start. You just have to want the change enough… amazingly, I did.

The stats look really good when I pull them out:


SEVENTY activities, you say? What the hell did that look like in terms of effort? I have a graph for that too:


Crucially, this is telling me what my body’s known since Monday: this week I plateaued, and have dipped today. If I didn’t know I needed a day off tomorrow, this is the graphic to look at:


6/7 days last week over 65%. Yeah, you’re gonna be soundly fucked this week, lass. This evening, therefore, only one thing really matters.


And lo, January was over, and it was good.

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