Feel First Life

This, it must be said, was not totally unexpected.


Last week’s 5k had me running at a 9.27 average pace. Even after a week of lame, awful showings in Blaze and other events, today I woke up with a plan. A day’s rest is pretty much transformative after a month without a break, and when RED January happens again next year there will be far better planning and organisation over what exercise is done and when. An awful lot has been learnt about my own ability.

Yesterday was lovely for other reasons apart from physical rest. So much work got done I’ve not looked at, or considered properly since the start of January. COPIOUS BACK END SHIT for all three websites, plus Instagram was organised, and all of this is now further foundation work for the next couple of weeks. It really does make the world of difference being awake and capable, all thanks to the exercise.


It does make me realise that scheduling rest isn’t just helping increase physical strength. This helps me focus on the other stuff too. Now all I need is to get myself motivated enough to finish the list of archiving tasks that were made late yesterday evening and honestly, the only momentum is forward. Absolutely nothing is holding me back right now.


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