Don’t Ask Me Why

Loyalty’s a bit of a dirty word for some, only coming when you drop an appropriate level of cash or create the acceptable level of critical interest. Having had my fair share of interest (the fan art was a bit difficult to take) across the years, I get how this works. If you present yourself to the Internet, and aren’t afraid of body parts being seen… we all know that rules then change for engagement.

Space for all then alters dependant on your definition of acceptable.

I’d love to think that everybody who has an interest in me has, by definition, the same amount of interest in my work, but that’s the biggest lie going. Some of you people are looking at my body with little to no interest in anything else. No I’m not being precious, or attempting to make myself somehow controversial, it’s just a biological fact. My work is irrelevant. My physical presence is where you project your fantasies.

I wish I had no evidence to back this us but alas, that’s all I do possess.


Across the years, all the worthwhile feedback or interaction that’s ever taken place as a result of what I’ve spontaneously written… well, it’s miniscule. The vast majority of my online comments across the years? Spam. After that, once you dispense with the creepy people whose comments are meant solely for their pleasure and hardly ever for yours… there’s nothing at all.

The biggest benefit I ever managed from feedback was when I set up a Google Forms page and asked people what they liked (or not) about my work. That was immensely useful, if truth be told, so much so I will be doing that again next month. The process of asking SPECIFIC questions was the only means by which there was any opportunity to glean clear answers. Nobody abused me there either, no spam at all.

It’s the best indicator I’ve ever managed that people are interested.


I watch those people who tell me how to gain 1500 new followers in six months, and find myself wondering if I did, how many of those people would even bother to read on a regular basis. So, from now on, I’m going to ask people to tell me whether they do or not. Maybe this is the problem: people need to know what’s expected of them in your particular internet space. Let’s see if it makes a difference.

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8 responses to “Don’t Ask Me Why”

  1. Read the post! Unfortunately I’m too sleep deprived to leave a better comment, or something more insightful, but will say that I am going to try and pay more attention to the work, the writing, etc and comment more on that as opposed to just the run of the mill stuff <3


  2. Commenting online has always been difficult for me because my brain has convinced me that:
    1. I’ll sound like an idiot
    2. No one is actually interested in a conversation, just arguments.

    Clearly you’ve expounded upon #2 many times, but it’s still a struggle to feel like I am contributing something of substance to any post that resonates with me. I shall endeavor to work on that though.


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