Try a Little Tenderness

Yesterday, I am pretty sure someone tried to chat me up at the Gym. It has been /waggles hand about two decades since that happened for real, so my perception might be a bit rusty, but everything in brain and body remains convinced that’s what happened. Considering this person was considerably younger than I am, I really don’t know what to think. It was one of those kinds of days.

I also got into a discussion yesterday that, under previous circumstances, might have in the past resulted in a bit of an Internet dust-up. This time around, however, I did the job of explaining a salient point whilst not setting fire to everything else in the process. That’s undoubted progress, and it highlighted a truth that I’m becoming increasingly concerned about.

A lot of you people need to step out of your bubbles before it’s too late.

This is NOT a Humblebrag, by the way. I’m still largely in shock (and my left hip may yet be rebelling against me, we will see as the day goes on) and, if truth be told, all of that yesterday may have added up to lots of calories but in reality… Lots of low level, largely low impact exercise. That 8.68 km for instance never had my heart-rate raised above the blue zone. It’s about the building of stamina for greater longevity whilst exercising.

I’d done what would normally have been more than enough by yesterday lunchtime, but yet when my husband asked me if I wanted to join him whilst he exercised… I knew it was doable. This is new ground: not only being prepared to step out of the bubble, but knowing I’ll cope when it happens. Some days, however, I don’t, and it’s dealing with those that will be the real test of emerging character.

I can’t hide from the unexpected forever.


Change is hard. It’s horrible and painful and frustrating and ultimately cathartic. I could link in various ‘life is pain’ GIFs here but really, I’d be preaching to the converted. You can intellectualise until the cows come on any subject you like, but unless you can also possess some empathy and feeling about the same thing? You’re not doing anybody any favours. Life is not just about having the answers.

Life is getting it wrong, and hurting yourself, and as you get up with bloodied knees and a little more thought for the consequences of your actions, it is learning from the experience. I realise that maybe if I got out more and was randomly accosted by more people, I’d have to learn how to deal with things that have been avoided for far too long. The only means by which you get stronger, undoubtedly, is doing the work.

The thinking/doing Life Balance equation here absolutely needs some work.


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