Paranoid Android

People stop me randomly, far more than they ever used to. The hair colour is a good conversation-starter (see the Flickr feed below) and gets me more compliments than anything else I can ever remember. There’s the body comments (I’ve put on a kilo in fat this month but am only 400g heavier than I was end of January, sugar is a killer) which frankly I love. Last night I was absolutely watched by a couple of guys whilst doing Synergy. I waved at them both.

Don’t be that person.

This week, a lot of stuff’s been thrown out for good. I’m going ahead with a Patreon reboot next week. Gumroad is being prepared to sell stuff from: probably going to start with art prints, photographic variety, and work up to a full poetry collection, plus digital short stories and other related gubbins. It has to happen now, or this whole thing does not go forward. Like it or not, cash has to come from somewhere.

This is the moment to commit to a new journey.


It’s really tough to admit that I need financial support going forward, but I do. The only way I get to be where I want, to find the cash to make these changes, is through other people’s willingness to support this part of the journey. It also puts an increasing focus on me to do the work, put in the hours, come up with the things that I feel are important and significant. This is how the World works.

However, it doesn’t have to be all about self. I fully intend to give back wherever I can, in different places and in other ways. Mental health awareness, as a starting point, is providing me massive opportunities to help and support people in my community. There are other things, that can and will be done, to improve the World around me. Right now that means getting this blog written so I can move on.

So much to do, so little time.

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