The Tiger in the Smoke

Day 2 of Working at Someone Else’s Gaff and here I am on the opposite side of the building. It’s already a School Day too… It appears the creator of Albert Campion, legendary sleuth, was an Essex Girl. Didn’t know, do now. The bloke on what was my desk yesterday is writing a children’s book. I’m eating last night’s dinner leftovers for lunch and thinking how, if I can get past the massive dose of Impostor Syndrome, I could get used to this.

This afternoon’s job is editing the poetry collection that effectively pushed me to counselling. It is not going to be an easy ask either, but yesterday’s successes have given me the confidence required to give it a go. If you never hear me speak of this again you’ll know it all went horribly Pete Tong. It’s either that or I was blinded by the unexpected sunshine after a day of what was horrible, depressing rain.

Right then, best crack on.

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