All Together Now

It is becoming apparent that many of you operate in a WIN ONLY environment: that is, unless you have a loser, plus the obviously ecstatic victor, your Thing is not worth doing. You people have learnt nothing from the 52/48, clearly. This was, and will never be just about coming out on top. If you’ve never been a minority, or genuinely subjugated for the entirety of your existence, this shit never makes any sense.

That’s what it is, in effect: a load of bollocks. It wouldn’t matter if positions were reversed, with women as dominant sex on the planet. There’d still be a loser, because that’s how nature and evolution ensures we have to look after each other, because without both sexes there is no reproduction and the human race is extinct. Of course, it might not be long before sex will be irrelevant if science has its way…

Once reproduction is weaponized, nobody’s safe in the pecking order.


My husband this morning was marvelling at some piece of random video on Facebook where a bloke in a small car attacks another bloke in a bigger car, culminating in him driving into and ripping off an open driver’s door before exiting, finger aloft from his window. If this is the kind of shit blokes are inflicting on each other in the name of evolutionary supremacy, I want no part in your fucking stupidity.

It’s been happening since we all came out of caves, undoubtedly. That other bloke’s wearing a nicer fur than me, and he’s never cold. I’ll kill him, steal his fur and that attractive female he’s been hanging around with is free for me to claim. It only worked back then because most females were kept subjugated for a reason… then I write this and accept just how little has changed in human evolution.

Many of us are still in caves.

Today is always sobering, because giving women just one day will always be too much for some men. It’s the extra inch of rope that ties the planet closer to chaos. If women are allowed any freedoms, the World will end. Instead, of course, it is old white men who have strip-mined the planet, destroyed systems to support and help the most needy and exposed, and who continue to give no fucks about anybody except themselves.

At some point, the conceit will collapse, and one has to hope it happens before the world spontaneously combusts. Until then, if more of us acted as if every day was for everybody, including the people we detest, at least there’s be the chance of some improvement. The key, of course, is harmony. Thinking other people are less equal than you is not harmonious. It’s a lie, we see all of you twats doing just that.

Come out of the caves, then start learning how to be better human beings.

2 responses to “All Together Now”

  1. Getting reproduction out of the equation may be part of the solution. Invoking a natural inter-dependency between genders (and thus dependence of one gender upon the other) once it stops securing reproduction. Without there is less for people to rely on in legitimising gender inequality.

    But an outlook on inequality might be a powerful driving force regardless. Explanations for inequality seem to be born from desire for it in most cases. Regardless of why, the argument that inequality was better than kindness should be difficult to make.

    Maybe what invoking nature does do effectively is initiating people. Aristotle saw power in invoking a natural state, and I considered nature to be a more convincing foundation than other forms.


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