Feeling Good

Everything has changed. You won’t notice it, but I have.

Whilst you wash your hands today, consider chucking me a monthly amount. It doesn’t have to be much: $8’s about the equivalent of a sandwich, crisps and a drink for lunch, or maybe one of those posh coffees and a danish. $15 is a pizza and the sides, $35 a meal out with your mates. I know money’s tight right now, and I’m asking a lot, but a girl has to do SOMETHING in order to get by.

It’s not Twitch or YouTube, I know, but the principle is the same. I PROMISE you’ll get value for money going forward. Plus, you allow me to actually LIVE MY DREAM and seriously, what’s not to like about that? I also solemnly swear that after today, I won’t press you for cash here again. This goes back to being daily whittering about everything and anything, giving you a rest.


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