Late in the Evening

Sorry this is so late, but it was a particularly adult day. I had to go retrieve some lost kit at the gym, then spent the afternoon in the Town in Ruins (as it will now be known) for my first ever serious incursion into life as a ‘proper’ Mental health Champion. There was lots to think about, and some quite sobering observations on the very real potential consequences of COVID 19 on those whose job it will be to care for those who catch it.

Tomorrow it is back to web faffing, which I’ve missed a fair bit. There’s a lot to do but most of it is simply a task of transferring existing stuff to new homes, so it’s boring yet essential maintenance. The hope is to have everything done by next week so it’s then time to crack on with more enjoyable stuff like Patreon, and organising April’s content (how are we almost four months into the year already?)

Thank goodness there’s nothing else stressful going on right now…

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