Here’s the Thing


It’s odd, looking at official guidance, and deciding you don’t need it. Except, of course, August’s hospital visit is still fresh in the memory. I do need it. Having spent the last three years pushing myself to be social and out of the stay at home mentality, this is a bit of a blow. The only overriding positive thought is that I’m not alone, even though that may not feel like the case right now.

The hairdressers phoned to ask me if I’d like next week’s hair appointment brought forward, because they have no idea if they’ll be open or not then, and if I wanted an indicator of the level of fear/uncertainty prevalent in the world right now, then here it is. The other key barometer will be my Gym: if it closes, and the chatter seems to suggest it is a possibility, that’s a line in the sand I really thought would never happen.

Talking of which…

I don’t need stuff like this, but having it happen is an indicator of where we are now heading. As time goes on it will be important to impose not only routine, but a sense of proportion, which right now is actually pretty tough going. It will undoubtedly get easier, especially if I can find enough stuff with which to distract myself with in the days that follow. I have a massive To Do List.

We will get through this.

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