Ten Miles High

Yesterday was tough, but very important. Work got done, I made difficult decisions. There was also the decision to sleep without my health monitoring watch on last night, which is going to be a theme going forward. Over-analysing everything is not helpful. This has to stop happening, brain power needs to be diverted to more important tasks. Therefore, anything that could potentially cause an imbalance needs to be dealt with.

The biggest single shift in mindset however came with pushing forward on website development. Since last Thursday, when everything kicked off, brain and progression have been at a massive impasse. Something had to give yesterday, and that meant breaking down a task that would normally have been largely academic into smaller, bite-sized chunks, and taking it very much a step at a time.

Today therefore once I’ve done that last note’s worth of work (three new pages with headers, copy and links) we can move on to the next part of task, which is similarly stressful on my brain but which can and will be broken down into constituent chunks. That is how we will continue with everything moving forward.Β Sensible, rational steps, working in spaces and timeframes that make sense.

Let’s get going.

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