Let It Happen

Here we are. Those people (of whom there were many) using the Gym as a sanctuary, as extra childcare or just to go exercise will be waking up this morning to the reality that even when your rower’s 1.5 meters away from someone else, you’re still in a room with people you don’t know and can’t necessarily trust with hygiene. The reality of where we now are will hopefully begin to register, even to those who think it’s inevitable you will catch COVID. Reality, of course, is pretty much the exact opposite.

Trying to explain to people who don’t get we are the vaccine right now if we stay apart and don’t interact is a bit of a mugs game. The only reality that will register is when people they know get sick and don’t recover. By then, of course, it will already be too late. Shutting everything down really should have happened a week ago, maybe even two.ย However, those opportunities have passed. Now, we have to do what we can.

I should have been having PT on Monday: instead I’ve worked with my Physio to create an at home workout to support ongoing tissue work on a shonky left side. There’ll be lots of walking, whilst cycling last night feels like it has turned an important corner. I need to check, but think my FTP should be up from where it was when exercise restarted. I’m also making sure to keep in touch with people from my exercise groups online.

Time to pull together people and GET MORE AWESOME.

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