Ballad of the Mighty I

There is a remarkable amount of shit in my head right now. It is the logical progression of having to readjust everything that would normally going on into a new approximation of ‘normal’ including exercise, domestic responsibility and all the stuff I am now committed to as a writer. The constant background reminder, of course, is that it’s not just me struggling with the new Normal.

However, yesterday was a triumph. My arms hurt. I got a leg cramp at 5.45am because not enough water has been consumed and I am a doofus. All this concerted effort is indeed having an effect. I’m now back to proper recording of food on MyFitnessPal and then, new routine will eventually sink in. Also, needs to be a reduction in both tea and Mars Bars. One will be easier, the other considerably less so.

Today is a rest day for my body, anything but for my brain. There’s a phenomenal amount to do, and it is not going to complete itself.

Let’s roll.

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