Once upon a time, depression was something that because anm all-consuming curse. Then, in counselling, a lovely lady taught me how to use the abilities I possess to step out of the space in which those feelings exist and look objectively at the problem. Knowing you ‘feel’ wrong is one thing, working out why is quite another. As a child, nobody explained to me that a lot of things were possible. It is only now that I am learning how to rationalise these experiences effectively.

That’s not what social media is for either, I realised yesterday. Watching incremental levels of anger, disappointment and elation from various quarters whilst you are attempting to rationalise your own feelings isn’t helpful, or indeed required. However yesterday I worked out what it was that was bothering me, and so before I wrote this, something else was committed to blog.

Now that’s done, I feel an awful lot better.

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