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I worry about the attention spans of other people. Then, once I’ve done that, I am genuinely afraid for the future of those who are vulnerable in places where the static population don’t give a fuck about anything else but themselves.

Let’s be clear here: it is okay to be scared, uncertain and confused right now. It is okay to ask for help and support, especially if dealing with mental health issues. What is is absolutely NOT okay to do is act as if nothing is wrong and that all this shit happening elsewhere is somehow an elaborate hoax. They didn’t call it COVID 19 because there’s been 18 iterations that have preceded it, dumbass.

My people are the problem: stupid, white people. Gammons. Hooray Henries. Chavs. It doesn’t matter how you choose to label them, if they’re in charge or in power, this is what happens. Sorry feminists but honestly, a lot of your ilk have to shoulder the blame for the stupid too. Covering up for abusers, not allowing kids to choose their own paths as adults, ignoring vaccination… bet you don’t do that for COVID.

Bet those people will be pushing to the front of the queue.


But hang on, if you’re dissing white people, you’re attacking yourself? Why yes I am. History, I hope, will remember this as the last throes of the White People Fuck Up Everything Era. Their colonialist taint has destroyed so much, allowed abusers and killers to hide in plain sight, has yet to be called to account over historical atrocities. Yes, I KNOW there’s other shit in the world that’s bad, but one thing at a time.

White people have the most blood on their hands. They’re the ones who’ve poisoned other races with this idea that ‘greed is everything’ and, crucially, it is them that we all aspire to be thanks to consumerism. A bit less of that and an awful lot more consideration and thought would be a great idea all round. You know the stuff: more environmentally friendly, more wealth distribution, shit like that.

I get hit with the White Person brush too. That’s just the way life is.


When a rich white ‘follower’ finds this post in years to come, then denounces me as a kop-out, that day will be celebrated. When I get hit by the Stupid White People brush, I’m in the shower instantly, washing all that ridiculous taint straight off, out and ready to go with my counter plan. Making people think is what I’m now here for. The consequences of this are quite personal too. Does it stop me saying stuff? Nope.

My respect goes more and more these days to people who aren’t trying to pretend everything is fine and that their Twitter feed is some kind of sanctuary. That’s what you do when you’re NOT on social media. Social media is for shooting the shit with people who share your outlook, aren’t shoving their heads up their own arses and expecting someone else to deal with the issues.

The stupid people right now can’t realistically be defined by their skin colour, if I had a truly objective hat on… except, more and more, the people I see talking sense aren’t the ones who are being paid to do so, or who’s job it is to make us feel better. When some white bloke appears and tells me I ought to be clapping for the Queen, it is abundantly apparent they do not truly understand the place in which we are living in.


History will remember this year in far different means than we are currently experiencing it. It will undoubtedly recall a 99 year old white man who walked, with a frame around his garden, who finally understood that sitting idle was no longer the way to move forward. If more white people could get that message, everybody would benefit long term. If the Government had funded the Health Service better before all this, this action would never have been needed in the first place.

I wonder how many realise just how significant their inaction will end up being.

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