You’re Not Alone

It is good to know that you’re not alone. Knowing how easy it is to feel totally isolated in rooms full of people, that connection is pretty vital, especially in high stress situations, is really rather useful to grasp. How you deal with these situations however is a different matter. This morning, despite balance problems caused by hayfever, an early bike ride was the answer. I feel better than was the case when waking.

Last year, when I got this, it took a few days for my body to adjust. I’m hoping this year will be no different, inside my left ear (again) is itchy and uncomfortable. Even half a non-drowsy antihistamine will knock me out for the day, and there is too much to do. Sometimes, you just have to suck it up and push through, and so that’s what I am going to do. What matters more, right now, is progress.

We live in hyperbolic times. Everything is a surprise, nothing is exactly as it initially appears, and yet so many people will allow themselves to be sucked into the belief that somehow, we will all come out of this as better people. That only happens if you are capable of understanding that you are part of the process. Life doesn’t just change around you. This is about you, evolving as well.

Sadly, some people seem to think that change involves everything they know remaining totally intractable and everybody else somehow compensating for that. This ‘cooking crisps in their bags with eggs’ thing is a perfect example of that. Heaven forbid people attempt to alter their outlooks to take in new ideas, or learn how to cook with foods that are actually more nutritionally beneficial. Just carry on as you are, white people.ย 

We’ve established you think you’re more important, and you’re not.

Our arrogance knows no bounds. The problems with this are already beginning to emerge onto a wider stage: there I was, thinking I was the only person who could see the Emperor starkers. It appears that’s not the case, the muttering is beginning to increase in volume. The number of people on mute is beginning to rise too: I appreciate some of you are using drink and drugs to cope, but I don’t need to see that. You should keep those things to yourself, because you don’t need to share everything.

I also don’t need your casual sexism in an attempt to be funny. I’m not looking for that kind of friend right now. Also, if you’re going to ask me if I’d drop my Patreon prices so you could sign up and then pretend you never said such a thing when I’m staring at evidence that you quite obviously did, don’t expect me to be happy I was flexible on your behalf. Selfish behaviour is easy when people are able to brush it off.

When your stupidity is the difference between anger and disappointment, maybe you are the one who’s the issue and not the person who did as they were asked…

Really, you have a great deal to learn. It is all here, if you would only take the time to read it, but nope, more important things to do. Stupidity really does know no bounds, and this last month has highlighted just how dumb people are when they forget that their point of view isn’t the only one that exists on the planet…

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