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Yesterday was one of those days when everybody has an opinion, but there was never going to be one right answer. Lots of people agree on how utterly dreadful the revelations were in a Sunday newspaper, but the means by which that content was disseminated was only the tip of a rapidly-melting iceberg. Needless to say, if a Government thinks sourcing for staff a lapel badge is more important than ensuring Personal Protective Equipment is available? We’re all soundly fucked regardless.

When we ask Government to show greater media awareness, we don’t mean getting the Health Secretary to invite a 99 year old war veteran to open a COVID-specific Hospital. That’s not the Government website offering baking tips. Seriously, some days I think Mr D Cummings Esq, who is in charge of Whitehall anyway, is trolling the more media savvy of us on a massive fucking scale. WE SEE YOU, KKTHXBAI.

It’s also, I have come to realise in the last couple of weeks, really hard to explain even people you know better than anybody else exactly what it is that matters to you. If this Government really does care, and wants to save lives, communicating that message with the people it’s chosen to do so with is a complete waste of time. None of these ministers possess any empathy, and if half the country would rather have Hot Chancellor fantasies than care about the situation, what chance do we stand as a nation anyway?

This is the most poorly-organised hot mess of hot messes ever assembled.


What everybody needs is better content. One better than average Sunday Times article does not suddenly justify their paywall sanctity, people. That’s not how this works. The white male culture which permeates all forms of written journalism, and the white female culture that largely dictates most other major forms of print media, needs to be overthrown. Really, pitchforks and flaming torch time should not just summarily vanish today after yesterday, but I suspect it will.

The internet may have a larger memory than ur mom, but it also recognises that life is a chaotic, constantly-changing set of variables. What was yesterday’s indignation is soon forgotten: except, for an increasing number of people, the injustice remains, smouldering uncontrollably in the hearts of those for whom decades of systematic erasure, abuse and dismissal are going to be heard, sooner rather than later. The revolution will not be televised, but live-streamed, TikTok-ed and sub Reddit-ed.

It already is, of course, and mainstream media don’t even have accounts.

shun the prole

If you think the Internet’s just Facebook and Instagram, you are part of the problem. This is FAR MORE than just your community outreach and light entertainment portal. It’s like thinking that there’s just 5 TV channels worth watching, and waiting for all that fancy digital stuff to get picked up by someone else. This is a future more heavily sanitised than… no, don’t make that gag. That’s suddenly madly inappropriate.

So’s pretending this is a World War Two reboot, or that politicising simple acts of kindness into Television events is ever going to be appropriate. This is not about singing Happy Birthday to the Queen from your front door either: you can tell the people who don’t ‘get’ how social media actually works best. They’re the ones attempting to make a name for themselves using the platform as their own moment of glory.

None of this is good content. That’s no longer defined by massive corporations backed by huge advertising campaigns. It’s defined by you. The individual’s day was already foretold, and it’s arrival is already apparent. You take the initiative, and then the moment is yours, before someone else gets a turn. The 15 Minutes of Fame’s now on a TikTok loop, and everybody has an opportunity to be famous, if the content is right.

What are you waiting for?

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