Ring of Fire

Husband had what I’m now experiencing, Monday morning. I’ll put money on this being viral and not food poisoning too, thanks to the incubation times. 48 hours after I cleared up after him and clearly was sloppy with the hygiene. You’d think after weeks of washing your hands outside but nope, you fail. What this does mean however is that once my husband gets up, I think bed is the best idea.

Absolutely no exercise will be taking place today.

However what I can do is take a notebook to bed. Creativity still inhabits my brain, just at a considerably slower speed than normal. There’s a ton of stuff to think about too, but ideally sleep matters more. I didn’t think I’d have to be worrying about being sick with something other than the Thing Nobody Wants to Get Sick With. There’s a lesson here somewhere: when I’m awake, we’ll figure it out.

For now, time to take it easy.

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