My perception of time is a bit wonked this morning, and it doesn’t help that even after a solid ten hours kip I am still tired, but I would not swap the last two days for anything in the world. Nobody likes being sick, especially right now, but the last few days has made me realise a lot about both myself and family that needed reinforcing. Most of all, I’d not exchange anything at all for quality time it’s allowed me with them whilst recovering.

The priorities right now will to be to get back to exercising (we’ll do weights plus bike both today and tomorrow at reduced rates and then back to ‘normal’ next week) and after that, well… I have a nice weight reset to not throw away. I’ve lost five pounds since my last weigh in. Time to capitalise on the advantage, and not see what just happened as a negative.

This is the move forward I often fail to make.


I’ve been asked, with my Mental health Champion hat on, to provide poetry for my local Time to Change Hub. I’d already been working on some pieces, and there’s one in particular that stand out as ripe for doing video work with. It’s apposite that skill set’s been worked on this week (Monday seems a world away now) and the results will be a good barometer of whether I’m capable of doing other work in this way.

I need to have a piece ready by the 11th, which is just over two weeks from now. I’ll set up a microphone for recording, have a rough idea on what to storyboard, and we’ll plan on making it happen tomorrow. Once it’s done, we’ll see if it’s good enough to share to a wider stage. That’s all I can do right now: keep making, doing and sharing, and hope something has the potential to pique interest…

We take our experiences, allowing them to define what we are going forward.

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