Vomit timer is reset as son has finally succumbed publicly to being sick. However, now everybody’s had it? Time to move on.

This is the lightest I’ve been for probably two years.
I feel surprisingly good, and body function is largely back to normal. Today’s task, therefore, is to be useful and make money for people who need it more than I do.

I threw away today’s plan and did this early. I’m very glad I did. Body’s probably at 90% now and so if it had been left too late, there would have been more stress and less fuss. Also, I promised to video myself.ย That, in itself, is a massive ask right now. However, husband stepped in and did the business. They say the camera puts on 10 pounds, which is very true. I look chunky. However, this is a massive improvement.

The only way you get better at stuff is to do it, and that’s also the case with body image. Eventually, everything finds an acceptable level.

It’ll get easier again in time.

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